The stainless steel cutting disc is made of white corundum and resin as reinforced bonding materials. Has high tensile, impact and flexural strength. Widely used in hard steel and stainless steel. Excellent craftsmanship ensures high cutting efficiency for workpieces of different materials. So what can be considered a good stainless steel cutting disc?

A good stainless steel cutting disc should mainly have the following three aspects.
1. Safety. No flying flakes (that is, no frying). It is required that the cutting piece should be double mesh, and it should not leak sand at the same time.
2. Sharp. The stainless steel plate is relatively hard, and the cutting piece must have a high iron removal rate. In this way, the friction and contact time on the plate is short, it is not easy to generate heat, and the plate will not burn off (also called yellowing).
3. Wear-resistant. A good cutting disc should have the characteristics of wear resistance, so as to save costs.
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