Grinding wheel is the most important type of abrasive tool in industrial grinding.High-speed grinding tools are reinforced with resin and glass fiber mesh. It has high toughness, high impact strength, high grinding rate, convenient use and safety. The maximum operating speed can reach 80m/s. Installed on a portable angle grinder for free grinding, easy to use. It is widely used in various aspects of automobile, ship, machine making and metallurgy and chemical construction. Cleaning welds, solder joints, grinding castings, burrs, burrs, repairing metal surface defects, etc.
Grinding wheel is a binder added to the abrasive. Porous body made by compacting, drying and calcining. Due to different abrasives, bonding agents and manufacturing processes. The characteristics of grinding discs vary widely. Therefore, it has an important influence on the processing quality, productivity and economy of grinding.

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We export to Mid-east, Southeast Asia, Europe and America.We now have 60 sets manufacturing facilities and over 120 skilled workers.Our factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters.More than 13,000 square meters of modern production workshop, daily production can reach 300,000 pieces.

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One of the TOP 10 manufacturers of cutting disc and grinding wheels from China,disc range from size 3″ to 16″.All of the discs have passed ISO9001,MPA,CE,BSCI,EN12413 standard.Products can be customized,OEM MOQ should be 5000 pcs each size.Our partners are like Stanley,Dewalt,Vonder,Truper,UYUSTOOLS and any other famous brand in the world.Latin America,European region,Middle East and North Africa,East Asia and Southeast Asia are our main market.We have constant temperature and humidity workshop area about 10 ,000 square meters.24 automatic production lines.Daily output is about 300 ,000 pcs,quality and delivery can be guaranteed.