The grinding wheel speed of ordinary grinder is 30-35m/s. When the grinding wheel speed is higher than 45 or 50m/s, it is called high-speed grinding.

The principle and characteristics of high-speed grinding of abrasive wheel.

Principle of high-speed grinding:

After the grinding wheel speed is increased, the number of abrasive grains passing through the grinding zone per unit time increases. If the feed rate remains the same as in normal grinding. Then the cutting thickness of each abrasive grain becomes thinner during high-speed grinding. At the same time, the load of each abrasive grain is reduced.

The characteristics of high-speed grinding.

1. High production efficiency.

If the cutting thickness of high-speed grinding remains the same as that of ordinary grinding, high-speed grinding can increase the feed accordingly, so the productivity is 30%-100% higher than that of ordinary grinding.

2. The service life of the grinding wheel can be improved.

Since the cutting load on each abrasive grain is reduced, the grinding time of each abrasive grain can be relatively prolonged, thereby increasing the service life of the abrasive wheel.

3. Improve the accuracy and reduce the roughness of the grinding surface.

Due to the thinner cutting thickness of each abrasive grain, the depth of the wear scar left on the workpiece surface is reduced when each abrasive grain passes through the grinding zone. At the same time, due to the increased speed, the height of the ridges formed by the plastic deformation of the grinding surface is also reduced, so that the roughness of the grinding surface can be reduced.

4. Improve the grinding surface quality.

In high-speed grinding, the workpiece speed needs to be increased accordingly. The contact time between the abrasive wheel and the workpiece is shortened. This reduces the amount of grinding heat transmitted to the workpiece. Thereby reducing or avoiding the phenomenon of burns and cracks.
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