Many friends are very curious about the production process of resin grinding wheel. In fact, for our manufacturers. We are very familiar with the process of producing resin grinding wheels. For some new factories or friends who don’t know it, it may not be clear. Today, the editor also summarizes the production process of resin grinding wheels. And the matters needing attention for the resin abrasive wheel when it leaves the factory. Let’s take a look together!
Resin abrasive wheel is a kind of grinding wheel. It is the most important grinding tool in the grinding process and is used for polishing products. Grinding wheels come in many different materials. Resin grinding wheel has high strength and certain elasticity. Widely used in aluminum alloy doors and windows processing, construction, shipbuilding, machining, automobile maintenance, electronic medical, metallurgy, woodworking and other industries.
The manufacture of resin grinding wheels is also special. The key to stirring resin grinding wheel is to mix resin, filler, colorant and emery evenly. The molding compound should meet the following requirements: the parts are evenly distributed, adhere to the abrasive surface, and remain loose. But there should be no obvious powder leakage. It is necessary to ensure that the laying is uniform and the molding performance is good. In order for the resin to fully adsorb on the abrasive surface, sobriety is required.
During the wake-up process, pay attention to keep the temperature at 20-30°C and the humidity at 40-50°C. The wake-up time is more than 12 hours to ensure the wake-up and forming stability of the grinding wheel. The grinding wheel hardening process is a key production process, and two factors are likely to cause quality problems. First, the temperature difference between the curing furnace and the kiln is too large. The second is the improper feeding method. The semi-finished product is soft and cured by the chemical reaction of heating the resin at high temperature. Different products have different hardening temperatures. The higher the resin content, the higher the hardening temperature.
The production process of resin grinding wheels cannot achieve a 100% success rate. After successful firing, manual inspection is carried out to pick out defective grinding wheel products. Factory sells excellent resin grinding wheels.
The above is the introduction of the production process of resin grinding wheel. I hope this article can help you understand the specific production process and factory precautions of resin grinding wheels. I also hope that everyone can buy resin grinding wheels with guaranteed quality! If you want to find a reliable resin grinding wheel, please contact us!