Resin-based grinding wheel is more common, and are made by adding a binder to the abrasive, compacting, drying and firing. What kind of resin abrasive wheel is of good quality? The answer to this question can be found in appearance.
1. Use your eyes to observe whether the appearance of the grinding wheel/strong> is damaged or cracked. Grinding wheels with damaged appearance cannot be used. In addition, the two ends of the resin abrasive wheel are required to be flat, and there should be no obvious skew.
2. Look at its compactness. If there are too many pores, it is estimated that it will not be too wear-resistant.
3. If there are too few bright spots, the surface is bumpy. It may be that the bond cannot hold the diamond. So in the process of grinding, the diamond falls off too fast. In this way, it will also affect its lifespan and reduce its lifespan.
4. Check whether there are cracks inside the grinding wheel/strong>. Holding the abrasive wheel in your hand, tap the grinding wheel disc with a wooden hammer to hear the sound. Grinding wheels without cracks make a crisp sound. A cracked wheel is hoarse and cannot be used.
A good grinding wheel is wear-resistant, sharp, and retains its shape well during use. We can judge and select high-quality grinding wheels for use through the above 4 points.

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