The grinding wheel consists of three parts: abrasive, binder (bonding agent), and pores.
1. Abrasive: It is the main grinding part of the grinding wheel, with sharp edges and corners, that is, small cutting edges, to cut the workpiece. The abrasive is often a very hard material, usually a compound, such as emery (chemical composition is silicon carbide) , corundum (chemical composition is aluminum oxide), diamond, etc., the common ones are emery wheel and corundum wheel.
2. Binder: According to the different uses of the grinding wheel, there are ceramics, resins, rubber, metal, etc., and its main function is to bond the abrasives together to form a grinding wheel with a certain shape.
3. Pore: Pore is also the main component of the grinding wheel. The purpose of the porosity is to reduce the bonding strength of the binder and store the grinding steel chips. When the sharp part of the small abrasive is bald, it will lead to bonding due to the pores. The strength decreases and peels off, exposing new sharp abrasive grains, which is conducive to further grinding.