High-speed resin cutting discs are widely used in many industries for their unique properties such as high efficiency and economy. However, many people neglect to choose the cutting wheel reasonably according to their own use occasions. When choosing a cut off disc with poor quality, there will be some problems when using it, mainly including the following 3 types:

One:shaking hands.

When the cutting blade is running at high speed, the vibration is severe when the handle is held by hand. Cutting efficiency is reduced and waste is created. The reason is caused by the unbalance of the cutting blade.

Second:the film.

When the cutting disc is running at high speed, the trajectory cannot be in a straight line. The immediate consequence is that the cut material has stubble. As a result, the processing requirements cannot be met.

Three: cracks, broken.

Due to the poor quality of the mesh, the amount of the binder is too small or expired, and the furnace temperature is too low. As a result, when running at high speed, the cutting blade will crack. In severe cases, it will break and hurt people.

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