Any product, especially mechanical products, will have a certain degree of wear during operating. When the wear reaches a certain level, it needs to be replaced with a new one. The same is the abrasives disc like cutting disc and grinding wheel . For example, people often use abrasives angle grinder in their working to process many parts and equipment. Among them, the cutting disc of the cutting-disc is regarded as a wearing part, that is, when it is worn to a certain degree, it needs to be replaced in time.Today we would like to talk about what should be paid attention to during the replacement of the cutting-disc like the cutting disc and grinding wheel.

  1. Wearproblem. Anyabrasives disc like cutting disc and grinding wheel has its certain application wear requirements. When the wear condition reaches a certain level, a new abrasives cutting disc must be replaced from the beginning. It should not be used for the sake of saving materials, which is extremely unsafe and illegal. As a general rule, a new cutting-disc should be replaced when the cutting disc of the cutting-disc is worn to a diameter that is only 10mm larger than the diameter of the center ring.
  2. Validity period. The new cutting-disc like cutting discfrom the warehouse may not be a qualified abrasives disc, and even the new abrasives discbought from the manufacturer does not necessarily have to be qualified . Any cutting disc of cutting-disc has a certain service life, and it is qualified if it is used within the validity time.

If used beyond the validity period, it is not necessarily a qualified cutting-disc . The regulations stipulate that the cutting disc of the abrasives disc should be used within the validity life time, and the resin and rubber bond cutting-disc must be subjected to a reversal test after being stored for one year, and only qualified ones can be used .

  1. Texture problems. If cracks are found in the cutting disc of the abrasives disc during operation, stop using it immediately and replace the cutting disc with a new onefrom the beginning to avoid the formation of cutting discbreakage and injury.

The above is about the issues that should be paid attention to in the process of replacing the cutting disc of the cutting-disc . After all, the abrasives disc is very dangerous to operate. If it causes harm to people, it really does more harm than good. CNDOME as a manufacturer, through this careful explanation can help every operator who uses the cutting-disc , help them to be vigilant and use the abrasives disc carefully. It must be replaced, not for temporary convenience.I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about cutting-disc, super thin cutting disc , CNDOME abrasives, please feel free to pay attention to our website!

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