The cutting disc belongs to the grinding wheel and is made of abrasive and bond resin. disks for common steel, stainless steel and non-metallic materials.
The specifications of the cutting discs produced by different cutting disc manufacturers are also different. But they have one feature in common, that is, they are composed of three parameters. These three parameters represent the outer diameter, thickness and aperture of the cutting disk, respectively. For example, the specification of a certain cutting disk is: 400*1.2*32. The outer diameter of the representative cutting disc is 400mm, the thickness is 1.2mm, and the aperture is 32mm.
The following CZDOME grinding wheel manufacturers will introduce the specifications of the cutting disk to you.
Specifications of cutting disk with reinforced mesh: 180*0.5mm*32, 180*0.6mm*32, 180*0.7mm*32, 180*0.8mm*32, 180*0.9mm*32, 180*1.0mm*32, 180 *1.1mm*32.
Specification of meshless cutting disk: 180*0.3mm*32, 180*0.4mm*32, 180*0.5mm*32, 180*0.6mm*32, 180*0.7mm*32.
The cutting disc is made of glass fiber and resin as reinforced bonding material, which has high tensile, impact and bending strength. It is widely used in the production and blanking of ordinary steel, stainless steel and non-metal. Excellent materials and exquisite craftsmanship ensure high cutting efficiency and good economic results for workpieces of different materials.

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