The angle grinder can cause burrs, scratches and corrosion marks on the surface of the workpiece. Welding nodules, welding slag, blisters, bubbles, oxide film, burnt paste. And other impurities that are not dissolved by the alkaline etching solution are removed. Various macroscopic defects are also improved. Czdome Grinding Wheel has been specializing in angle grinding discs for more than 20 years. Using imported high-grade sand, the polishing effect is clean and durable.

Today, I will share with you the precautions for using angle grinders:

1. When grinding, it should be just ground to the cutting line. And polished smooth, no sawtooth marks, do not hang hands.
2. The burrs on the inner surface of the product are high and uneven. Resin hard lumps, glass fiber sagging, extreme delamination, etc., grind them smoothly.
3. After every 4 hours of use of the angle grinder. Use compressed air to blow in from each cooling port of the machine. Remove dust, glass fibers, etc., which have been sucked into the interior during work. maintenance to prolong its life.
4. The front edge of the hood is equipped with the periphery of the sealing strip and the position of the electric lock hole. The thickness of related holes such as combination switches should be controlled at about 2mm-3mm. If it is too thick, it will not be installed, and if it is too thin, it will lose its strength.
The above is the sharing of Czdome grinding wheel. For more knowledge about angle grinders, you can contact us at any time! Czdome covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters. It has 13,000 square meters of modern constant, temperature and wet workshops. 24 fully automatic production lines. The daily output is 400,000 pieces, and the finished product is produced in 30-40 hours. Delivery guaranteed!

Czdome grinding wheels are specially made for OEM OEM customization. Free logo design and three major packaging designs are available for customers. To meet the various needs of customers, free samples are provided. Various specifications can provide samples within 10 pieces.