Angle grinder is one of the most widely used abrasive tools. Choose the one with better quality according to your own situation, and the price is relatively high. Its price is related to product parameters, types, and raw materials. In general, the higher the hardness of the angle grinder, the higher the price. The hardness is determined by the raw material and the adhesive used to manufacture the angle grinder.
The hardness grades of angle grinding discs are generally divided into seven grades: super soft, soft, medium soft, medium, medium hard, hard and super hard. It mainly depends on the amount of bonding agent added and the density of the abrasive tool. Abrasive grains that fall off easily indicate that the abrasive tool has low hardness. On the contrary, it means that the hardness is high.

Method for determining the hardness of abrasive tools:

The more commonly used methods are hand cone method, mechanical cone method, Rockwell hardness test method and sandblast hardness test method.

angle grinder

angle grinder

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