All kinds of abrasives are indispensable tools for industrial production and processing, and their use involves a wide range. There are two types of abrasive products: one is cutting discs; the other is grinding and polishing. Cndome® Grinding Wheel has 20 years of professional experience in the production of cutting wheels, one piece is worth three pieces! Today I want to analyze what is a good cutting disc?
1. Safety: No flying chips (that is, no fried chips), it is required that the cutting discs should be double-networked, and sand leakage should not be allowed at the same time.
2. Sharpness: The stainless steel plate is relatively hard, and the cutting disc must have a high iron removal rate, so that the friction contact time on the plate is short, it is not easy to heat up, and the plate will not burn (also called yellowing).
3. Wear-resisting: The cutting discs should have the characteristics of wear-resisting, so as to save costs.
Cndome® produces in strict accordance with the “7s” on-site standard, and all products have passed ISO9001 testing, CE, and MPA certification. Covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters, it has 13,000 square meters of modern constant, temperature and wet workshops. 30 fully automatic production lines with a daily output of 400,000 pieces. The above is the sharing of the editor. For more knowledge about cutting sheets, you can contact us at any time!