Do you know what certificates and qualifications are required for the production of resin cutting discs? Today, the cutting wheel manufacturer will tell you some certificates that the grinding wheel industry needs to use. If you don’t know much about a factory, you can judge its ability from which qualification certificates.
If you want to know the quality of their products. Then you can ask them for MPA certificate. The MPA certificate is a certification of the quality of the grinding wheel by the German professional testing organization. Each model corresponds to a certificate, and each model of our products has a certificate.

If you want to do this factory is not formal. Then you can ask him if he has a factory inspection report. BSCI is a factory inspection monitoring for employee protection, overall environmental and social management system. So as to judge whether the factory meets the requirements. Of course, we must have a qualified BSCI certificate.
The related certificates of cutting discs also include EU CE certificate, OSA certificate and so on. It depends on the strength of each factory and the requirements of the customer’s region or country. The certificate is only a means of certification. The key is that the factory must have sufficient strength and technology to support the performance of the product. Contact us Cndome® to get a free cutting disc sample!