Grinding wheel is a commonly used auxiliary tool in the industrial production industry. Today, Xiaobian will explain the grinding wheel to you. The grinding wheel is a porous structure made by adding a fusion agent to the wear-resistant material, and made by compacting, drying and firing. It runs at high speed during application and can be used for the inner hole, inner circle, plan and Fine grinding, semi-finishing and fine grinding of various profiles, etc., as well as grooving and breaking, etc. So there are many factors that affect the quality of the grinding wheel. Which kind of grinding wheel is better? Below I will tell you about it.

Which specification of grinding wheel is good?

1. Excellent balanced appearance and no cracks.
2. Exquisite packaging bags and packaging printing anti-counterfeiting logo barcodes are the difference between regular manufacturers’ products and counterfeit goods.
3. The lower the unbalanced value of any abrasive wheel, the better, and the greater the difficulty of natural production and manufacturing.
4. Good internal quality is as little wear as possible, a lot of iron removal, and good touch.
5. For carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum, glass stone. Because their tissue density and fever are not the same. It also determines that there is a difference in the selection of grinding wheels. For glass stone, there are professional glass stone laser cutting and grinding tools on the sales market. The copper, aluminum and stainless steel solid core raw materials use a lower thickness or a zirconium corundum as the plate of the abrasive wheel or polishing plate. For laser cutting carbon steel and stainless steel plates, the use of grinding wheels with higher strength will greatly improve the service life. However, for solid-core round steel and cast steel, the strength of the grinding wheel should not be too high, otherwise it will not cut.
6. The use of abrasive wheel is the main key to the raw material to be ground.

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