The grinding wheel is a porous body made by adding a binder to the abrasive, compacting, drying and roasting. Rotate at high speed when in use. It can be used for rough grinding, semi-finishing and fine grinding as well as grooving and cutting of the outer circle, inner circle, plane and various types of metal or non-metallic workpieces. Due to different abrasives, bonding agents and manufacturing processes. The characteristics of grinding wheels also vary greatly. It has an important influence on the processing quality, productivity and economy of grinding.
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So what kind of grinding wheel is better? How can the abrasive wheel work safely and efficiently?
1. Good uniform appearance and no cracks are the basic appearance of high-quality abrasive wheel specifications.
2. Sophisticated packaging and printed anti-counterfeit barcodes are the difference between genuine factory products and counterfeit goods.
3. The lower the static unbalance value of any abrasive wheel, the better. Of course, the more difficult it is to produce.
4. The general rule of cutting and grinding is less iron removal. Low abrasion is due to too hard gabrasive wheel, less amount of iron removal and high abrasion is due to poor materials. The inner quality of high-quality is as little wear as possible, maximum amount of iron removal, and good hand feeling at the same time.
5. For carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel, stainless steel, copper aluminum, glass stone. Because of their different tissue density and fever. It also determines the difference when choosing a grinding wheel. For glass stone, there are special glass stone cutting and polishing tools on the market. Copper aluminum and stainless steel solid materials should be cut or polished with a lower thickness or with zirconium corundum as the base material. For cutting carbon steel and stainless steel profiles (non-solid), it is required to use a grinding wheel with a higher hardness, which will greatly increase the service life. But for solid round steel and forgings, it is required that the hardness of the abrasive wheel should not be too high, otherwise it will not cut!
6. Selection of grinding wheel. The material being ground becomes the main key. An ideal grinding wheel should have good sharpness and hardness. When the abrasive particles are passivated, will they automatically fall off from the bond. Keeping the grinding wheel sharp at any time is an important criterion for the safe and efficient operation of the grinding wheel.