For industrial production, it is necessary to use certain mechanical processing to manufacture products. Especially for products that need to be ground and cut. We can cut the product according to the application. The resin cutting disc is the abrasive tool that needs to be applied at this time. However, some hardened resin cutting discs are required. So why does the resin cutting disc need to be hardened? This article will explain it to you.
After the heat treatment process, the formed embryo body is fixed and has a certain strength. The whole process of the heat treatment process of the resin cutting disc with compressive strength and high temperature resistance is hardening. The whole process of the hardening of the embryo body is the whole process of the polycondensation reaction of the resin fusion agent. The resin is polycondensed from a linear structure of low relative molecular mass into a high relative molecular mass resin of a network structure or a three-dimensional structure.
The viscosity of the liquid phenolic resin decreases in the process of chemical cross-linking between the resin molecular structures. As the temperature rises, it becomes an elastomeric material and then becomes a solid solid state. The embryo body is in the process of heat treatment. When the temperature reaches 80~100℃, because the resin melts and the viscosity decreases, the hardness of the embryo body is low. When the temperature reaches 110~130℃, the condensation reaction of the resin accelerates the discharge of volatile organic compounds. The viscosity of the resin increases sharply and changes from a liquid to an elastomer material, and the embryonic body becomes soft and gradually hardened. The temperature rises again to 180~190 ℃, and maintains for a period of time. The resin is completely hardened into an insoluble and infusible solid, and the embryo body becomes a solid solid.
The above is the reason why the resin cutting discs listed by the editor need to be hardened. Hope to be of some help to you. If you want to know more information about resin cutting discs, please pay attention to this site. There are more related content of resin cutting disc on this site for you to read.

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