Why is Czdome grinding wheel sharper? With the successive appearance of new resins, various strengths can be made.The resin bond has a low hardening temperature and a small shrinkage rate. Abrasives with various complex shapes and special requirements can be made. Such as cymbal-shaped grinding wheel, high-speed cutting disc with mesh cloth. Can be used for rough grinding, cutting, semi-finishing, fine grinding, polishing, etc. Czdome grinding wheel cutting discs are sharp and durable, and are the best choice for many dealers and foreign trade companies. How to make it sharper? Let’s share the technology with you!
In theory, we hope that the thinner the thickness of the cutting disc, the better, but it is actually a kind of consumption. The material of the cutting disc base and the process of manufacturing the cutting disc determine the thickness of the cutting disc. If the thickness is too thin, the cutting disc is easy to shake when working, which will affect the cutting effect. In order to reduce the lateral frictional resistance, the surface contact is changed to a point contact. And the formulation system is added with lubricant, which can greatly reduce the frictional heat generated during cutting. Improve the durability and sharpness of the cutting disc.
Have you learned it? Czdome grinding wheel has 20 years of experience in professional production of cutting discs, one piece tops three pieces! Strictly in accordance with the “7s” field standard to produce. Products have passed ISO9001 testing, CE, MPA certification.Cndome® aims to help people better understand the technology of our abrasive discs. The blog aims to provide people with better services. If you are looking for an expert abrasives manufacturer in China, we are your first choice.