As the market changes, the price of cutting disc is gradually becoming transparent. However, it can be found that the price of online cutting blade manufacturers and the price of field cutting disc manufacturers are uneven. A few hairs are cheap, and they are hundreds or even more expensive.
Why are the prices of cutting discs sold in different markets so different? What are the components of the price of cutting discs? Czdome grinding wheel manufacturers analyze the h4 major reasons that make up the price of cutting discs.

1. Production cost

Production cost is the most basic and most important factor in the price composition of cutting blades. The production cost determines the price of the cutting piece. The main raw materials of the cutting blade are made of: brown corundum, silicon carbide, single crystal corundum and other materials. As the price of the raw material changes, the cutting blade will also change the price. Most of the raw materials used for cheap cutting blades on the market are scrap and recycled materials. The performance of the produced cutting discs is significantly reduced.

2. Labor cost

The labor cost refers to the process of the cutting blade manufacturer in the production of the cutting blade. All direct and indirect costs to be paid for the labor provided by the worker. This includes insurance, commissions, and subsidies. Therefore, the higher the price of the cutting piece, the higher the labor cost involved.

3. Logistics costs

The logistics cost refers to the cost that the cutting blade manufacturer needs to transfer to another place. Generally, the logistics or express delivery will be decided according to the size of the goods. The accounting standards of general logistics are calculated according to the type of goods, demand and region.

h4. Profit

Profit refers to the monetary performance of a portion of the value of a cut piece. This is also one of the elements of price composition. The profit of cutting sheet is the balance of production cost and logistics cost. In layman’s terms, it is the net income of the manufacturer. If the price of a single piece of cutting piece is higher than the market price, it is necessary to pay attention. The higher the price, the greater the profit for the manufacturer.
The above are the four major factors that make up the price of cutting discs analyzed by Czdome grinding wheel manufacturers. The simple understanding is: the price of cutting pieces = production cost + labor cost + logistics cost + profit. When purchasing cutting blades, shop around to find the most cost-effective manufacturer.

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