As an indispensable accessory for machining, the quality and efficiency of cutting discs are very important for machining occasions. The following ultra-thin cutting disc manufacturers will tell you in detail what are the characteristics of ultra-thin slices. Follow us to find out.
The resulting glitch is small. The burr-free cutting process saves the user from labor-intensive reprocessing. It also saves the time cost of the operator.
Few sparks fly. Ultra-thin cutting discs reduce material heating and sparks. Enables faster cuts with less spark splash.
Higher cutting speed. Easier handling when working with ultra-thin cutting discs. It can improve the cutting speed and work efficiency, and save materials to a great extent.
Long service life. The ultra-thin cutting disc has a fast cutting speed and can be cut with a smaller current. The workload is lighter and the service life is longer.
Cryogenic cutting. Ultra-thin cutting discs have a very small friction surface. This guarantees a fast, low temperature cutting process. In this way, bluing on the workpiece can be avoided.
The odor and noise produced are low. When the ultra-thin cutting disc is cut, the dust is small. Provide a relatively safe working environment for staff.
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