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About Dome Abrasives

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Dome Abrasives has more than 23 years experience in developing and producing resin bond cutting and grinding wheels. Dome Abrasives has constant temperature and humidity workshop area over 20,000 square meters, 60 automatic production lines. Daily output is about 600,000 pcs. Quality and delivery can be guaranteed.

  • 23 Years Experience
  • 20,000㎡ Workshop
  • 60 Production Lines
  • 60,000 Pieces Per Day
  • ISO90001,EN12413
Dome Abrasives's cutting discs are commonly used to cut metal sheets and plates in various industries. These can be used with an angle grinder to cut through thin or thick metal sheets with precision.
Dome Abrasives's grinding discs can be used to remove burrs, sharp edges, and other imperfections from metal surfaces.They can create smooth, precise, and accurate surfaces on all metal.
Dome Abrasives's flap discs can provide a uniform finish on metal surfaces, making them suitable for applications where appearance is important, such as automotive or architectural metalwork.
Frequently Asked Question

High Standard and High Quality Quality Quality

Our factory has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and provides excellent customer service.

  • Are you trading company or manufacturer?

    We are a factory, engaged in the manufacture of resin bonded cutting and grinding wheel for more than 23 years.

  • Can you supply samples for test?

    Yes, we can supply the samples free of charge for our clients for test purpose. For examples, if you interested in 4.5” -115x1x22.2 cutting disc, we can supply you at most 10 pieces free of charge by freight collect. For the details we can check with our clients together.

  • Do you supply OEM service?

    Of course, our factory supply OEM service for our clients. At present we export the cutting and grinding wheels to more than 60 countries. We produce most clients' own brands for their markets.

  • Do your factory or your cutting and grinding wheels have any certificates?

    Some of our products have passed ISO9001 / CE / MPA and BSCI.So do not worry about the quality of the products.

  • How could you ensure the quality?

    We purchase the raw material from famous company in China, production line can realise the putting material /mesh / ring / package automaticlly. After the products finished , we will also spot check the products to test.

Dome Abrasive Development Path

Grinding Wheel Supplier History History History

Dome Abrasives is China’s top abrasive discs manufacturer. We have many famous partners all over the world, like Truper, Vonder, Uyustools, DeWalt, Stanley, etc.

2001 - 2004
At the beginning of the business, the staff is 5-6 people, the annual output value is 200,000-500,000, and the main business is the domestic market.
2005 - 2008
In the growth period, the staff is equipped with 30 people, and the annual sales volume has increased to 20 million. The sales market is mainly aimed at the stainless steel industry.
2008 - 2014
In the period of foreign trade development, domestic and foreign exhibitions have been expanded, and products have been fully upgraded. The main business is Southeast Asia, India and Eastern European markets.
2015 - Now
During the rapid development period, the number of employees increased, the factory was expanded, the equipment was upgraded, and the market expanded to the whole world.

Need Help Finding the best solution for Grinding?

Dome Abrasives offers a wide range of customizable options, from product trademarks and logos to inner and outer package. This allows our customers to receive products that meet their specific needs and align with their brand identity.

Dome Abrasive Manufacture

Meet Our Advanced Factory Factory Factory

Dome abrasives has more than 23 years experience in developing and producing resin bond cutting and grinding wheels. Our factory has passed MPA, BSCI and CE certificates. Some of our cutting wheels, grinding wheels and flap wheels have EN12413 certificates.

Production Workshop

The production workshop is more than 20,000 square meters, and there are 24 automatic production lines to ensure the delivery time.

Product Inspection

Strictly implement the international environmental protection quality management certification, and have won CE,MPA, BSCI and EN12413 certification.

Packaging Workshop

There are 20 automatic packing machines and 20 workers on the packing line to ensure the perfect packing of each customer's products.

Storage Warehouse

Huge storage warehouse, coupled with super production capacity, can achieve timely delivery, customers do not have to worry about delivery issues.

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