Popular Sizes of Cutting Discs
Exploring the Popular Sizes of Cutting Discs in Europe

Cutting discs are indispensable tools in various industries, from metalworking to construction, providing precision and efficiency in cutting different materials. In Europe, where diverse manufacturing and construction activities thrive, the popular sizes of cutting discs varies based on specific needs and applications. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the different sizes of cutting discs and explore which ones are more prevalent in the European market.

115mm (4.5 inches): The Versatile Workhorse

The 115mm cutting disc is arguably the most popular size in Europe. Its versatility makes it a go-to choice for professionals across various industries. Whether you’re cutting steel, aluminum, or other metals, the 115mm disc offers a good balance of precision and power. Its manageable size makes it suitable for both handheld and stationary cutting machines.

125mm (5 inches): Balancing Power and Maneuverability

Slightly larger than the 115mm disc, the 125mm cutting disc provides a bit more cutting depth and power. This size is commonly used for heavier tasks while still maintaining a level of maneuverability. It strikes a balance between the smaller 115mm disc and larger options, making it a preferred choice in workshops and construction sites.

230mm (9 inches): Heavy-Duty Cutting

When it comes to heavy-duty cutting applications, the 230mm disc takes the lead. This larger size is ideal for cutting thick metal sheets, pipes, and other substantial materials. It is often employed in industrial settings where power and efficiency are paramount. While not as versatile for intricate tasks, the 230mm disc is indispensable for certain applications.

Factors Influencing Size Preferences:

a. Application Requirements:

Different projects demand different cutting depths and power. The choice of cutting disc size depends on the specific requirements of the task at hand.

b. Tool Compatibility:

The size of the cutting disc is often determined by the specifications of the cutting tool or machine being used. Compatibility is key to ensuring optimal performance and safety.

c. Material Thickness:

The thickness of the material being cut influences the choice of cutting disc size. Smaller discs are suitable for thinner materials, while larger discs are necessary for thicker ones.

d. User Preference:

Some professionals develop a preference for a particular size based on their experience and comfort with a certain disc size. This subjective factor can influence the popularity of specific sizes in different regions.


In Europe, the popular sizes of cutting discs is shaped by a combination of factors, including versatility, power, and application requirements. While the 115mm disc remains a versatile workhorse, the 125mm and 230mm discs cater to specific needs in various industries. Ultimately, the right cutting disc size depends on the task at hand and the preferences of the professionals using them.

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